Educational Videos

BodyHealth is committed to educating healthcare providers on the most up-to-date research, empirical evidence, and clinical applications with BodyHealth dietary supplements. New educational videos will be posted here when they become available.

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Sick More OftenSad, Anxious, Depressed
Saggy Skin and Thin HairTired, Fatigued
Acid BlockersGas or Bloating
Over WeightNo Gains from Workouts
Hormonal Imbalances 50 or Older
Dr. Fred Ulan and Dr. David MinkoffBodyHealth Healthcare Practitioner Webinar: Amino Acids Demystified
What, How and Why to Recommend Body Health Products to Your Patients. Presented by Chase Baldwin.The Surprising Limits of BCAAs And The Power Of Essential Amino Acids | BodyHealth Dr David Minkoff
Are You On A Plant Based Diet? PerfectAmino Protein Support For Vegans & Vegetarians, Dr Minkoff MD.