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We are a full service company for those practitioners, athletic trainers, and resellers who want only the best for their customers, with top-level profit margins.

- Dr. David Minkoff, Founder of BodyHealth

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Friendly staff here in the USA, with expert advice and assistance.

Quality Products

We care about your reputation... as well as ours.

All BodyHealth products are carefully formulated and test for efficacy and are then produced in laboratories that are FDA registered and CGMP Certified.  Rigorous testing is conducted during and after the manufacturing processes to ensure that not only are the ingredients clean and of the highest quality and potency, but they are also tested to ensure the formula is adhered to precisely. 

Healthcare Revolution

We care about your reputation... as well as ours.

More and more people are coming to realize that protein deficiency is a real thing and can be the cause of many problems with the human body.  Essential Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and in thousands of blood tests, ill patients were found to be deficient in these and when corrected along with medical care and attention, they got better – when they didn’t before.

Times are changing.  Whey protein and BCAAs as well as protein from hormone-filled meats are being scrutinized more and more – and it has been found that they are less and less effectively used by the body.

BodyHealth’s flagship product PerfectAmino is available in numerous delivery methods and have taken the nutrition landscape by storm, reversing this protein deficiency and actually helping people rebuild their bodies from the inside out.

Put Us To The Test

Our customer service is second to none... let us prove it.

We back up our products 100%. 

If customers or patients are not satisfied, neither are we.  If there is ever a defective or damaged bottle, we will always take care of this promptly and courteously.

Give BodyHealth products a try in your office and see the difference it makes in your public as well as in your bottom-line.

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Online Portal and Resources

Resources to grow your profit margins... and expand your business.

Whereas many of our clients enjoy speaking with our friendly customer service representatives, our online portal is available to place orders as well as to get promotion & marketing resources to help educate customers about BodyHealth products.

Recovery: Surgery &
Nagging Injuries

There is a solution to this... and you can help.

Have you ever experienced an injury that won’t heal?  Or recovery takes extra long after a surgery?   PerfectAmino was developed by a medical doctor who was also an Ironman triathlete who had a nagging hamstring injury that just wouldn’t heal.   Etc. . . . . . . . . .

Functional & Wellness Practitioners

For over 20 years, BodyHealth has been helping functional & wellness practitioners who recommend and provide BodyHealth’s wide-range of supplements to their customers.  These include Functional MDs, Chiropractors, Holistic Dentists, Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, kinesiologists and more.

Our staff are standing by to provide consulting, assistance and prompt and courteous service between 9am-6pm Monday-Friday from our offices in Sunny Florida.

Athletic Trainers & Coaches

Whether you train professional sports teams, endurance athletes, bodybuilders or spin classes, BodyHealth can help you.

Not only is a certified personal trainer on staff at BodyHealth, the owner is a 43-time full Ironman Triathlon finisher with 8 appearances at the Kona World Championships.

Thousands of trainers and coaches already use and recommend BodyHealth products.  Let us help you too…

Retail & Health Food Stores

Whether you own a mom & pop health food store or a regional or national chain, BodyHealth is standing by with excellent profit margins and promotional actions to help you move these supplements from your shelves into your customer’s shopping carts.  Our staff in Florida are standing by to help guide you through the easy ordering process and we promise prompt and accurate shipping.


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