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Optimum Sleep Assist

Optimum Sleep Assist

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Get the most out of your sleep with Optimum Sleep Assist, a formula designed to restore hormonal balance and maximize your ability to recover and heal while you sleep.

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Are You Suffering From Sleep Issues?

BodyHealth created Optimum Sleep Assist to combat this growing problem and provide a safe, non-habit-forming, non-drowsy formula that delivers good quality sleep night after night. Optimum Sleep Assist contains highly effective, natural ingredients that promote a deep and restful night of sleep, leaving users feeling refreshed, clear, and ready for the day.

45% of people say lack of sleep has affected daily activities in the last 7 days.

Sleep has an incredible impact on one's health. The number of people who are experiencing sleep issues continues to grow, and factors like extreme stress and 24-7 access to technology negatively contribute to this problem. 

Why Is Sleep Important?

Many health professionals claim sleep to be as important as exercise and diet in anti-aging, training, and weight-loss regimens. However, there are at least 40 million Americans who report sleep problems. [1] Although we tend to think of sleep as a period of complete rest, it is crucial to promoting health and optimal functioning. During sleep, the body is hard at work, performing a variety of biological processes to help regenerate and repair muscles and body tissues. Adequate sleep is also essential for maintaining mood, memory, and cognitive performance. [2,3] It is vital for the proper functioning of both the immune and endocrine systems, and many studies have demonstrated the relationship between sleep duration and several serious health issues like obesity, hypertension, and depression. [4,5,6]

Sleep directly impacts our hormone levels, and hormone levels play a very important role in hunger and satiety. Sleep is just as important as exercise and diet in training programs and weight-management regimens. During sleep, the body is hard at work, releasing anabolic hormones to regenerate and repair muscle tissue. Quality sleep also aids in keeping levels of fat-promoting hormones low. Lack of adequate sleep can lead to fat gain, increased hunger and sugar cravings, decreased muscle mass, decreased strength, and a weakened immune system. [5,6,7,8]

The Solution

With rare ingredients like Velvet Antler extract and dialed-in nutritional hacks, our unique formula can actually turn your body's IGF factory back on – so you can sleep, heal and recover like you did when you were young.

It stimulates healthy levels of your anabolic hormones, helping you effortlessly maintain a healthy weight and appetite.

Using Optimum Sleep Assist before bed will promote hormonal shifts that may help:

  • Recovery from training
  • Muscle growth
  • Decreased appetite
  • Weight Management
  • Faster injury repair
  • Deeper sleep
  • Improved brain function
  • Wake up alert and refreshed

Just a Few Drops for The Most Rejuvenating Sleep of Your Life

If you aren't waking up refreshed and chipper...

If your sleep feels less than amazing...

Or if you just want to get the most from your sleep for greater gains and faster recovery...

Optimum Sleep Assist may be the greatest gift you can give yourself


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*Other ingredients: Organic grape alcohol and purified water.
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