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Perfect Amino Powder (Original)

Perfect Amino Powder (Original)

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These are the PerfectAmino Powders without Nucleic Acid building blocks. Specific powders will be available for sale for the next few weeks.

Pure essential amino acids in a form that is both 99% utilized (3-6x the protein of other sources with almost no calories) and fully absorbed within 20-30 minutes! 100% vegan and non-GMO.

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Amino Acids – The Building Blocks of Protein

Many people know that protein is essential for optimum health, but most assume they consume enough protein from the food they eat. So why the need for an amino acid supplement? The simple answer is that – yes, you do get good quality from foods such as eggs, meat, fish, and nuts, but much of the protein in food is not converted into body protein. Sadly, much of the protein from common dietary sources is turned into waste, burned as calories, or converted into sugars and fats.

Almost everyone is protein deficient without realizing it. It plays out as a nagging injury that won't heal in athletes, brittle bones in menopausal women, or constant colds in children. Protein deficiency is often something you are aware of but can't quite identify. So what's the solution? PERFECT AMINO™ is an amino acid supplement that is 99% utilized by the body to make protein. No other form of protein comes close!


In my medical practice, I routinely encounter patients who are severely deficient in one or more essential amino acids, and this deficiency may be preventing them from healing. As a participant in triathlons and other sports racing events, I also encounter athletes of various levels who maintain relatively intense training regimens. These individuals often require higher protein levels, which is best accomplished with an essential amino acid supplement like PERFECT AMINO™. Supplying your body with the building blocks for protein synthesis is critical for healing from disease, muscle recovery, stamina, and overall health.

I have gone to great lengths to ensure that PERFECT AMINO™ has been produced and tested in a manner that assures its quality, purity, and effectiveness. PERFECT AMINO™ is manufactured in a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility, and the end product has been laboratory tested for product consistency and purity.


  • Provides the eight essential amino acids for protein synthesis that your body MUST get from dietary sources
  • It is the most effective protein supplement for building muscle and bone
  • Promotes fast recovery after hard training
  • Increases energy levels
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Is an excellent source of protein during weight loss with virtually zero calories

9 Reasons You Should be Using PERFECT AMINO™ Every Single Day

1: PERFECT AMINO™ is 99% utilized for power, energy, and recovery.

Essential amino acids that we get from foods (meat, eggs, beans, and nuts) must be digested before they're available to muscles, tissues, and cells. For a variety of reasons, the digestive process is not perfect. Aging, stress (both physical and emotional), gastrointestinal imbalances, unhealthy dietary choices, and the use of medications all get in the way of the body's ability to enzymatically metabolize and process foods and render their essential amino acids bioavailable. Since PERFECT AMINO™ provides a vegetable-based trove of all eight essential amino acids in their pure, elemental form, no digestion is required.

2: PERFECT AMINO™ is very quickly absorbed.

Even if your digestive systems were perfect, it would take several hours for your body to be able to utilize the amino acids it has processed and release them into the bloodstream. When taken on its own, PERFECT AMINO™ is absorbed into the bloodstream within 23 minutes for nearly instant strength and recovery.

3: PERFECT AMINO™ is perfectly formulated.

PERFECT AMINO™ is a comprehensive formula featuring a unique combination of all eight essential amino acids (50% of which are branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs). This formula is so complete that it could serve as your sole source of protein, although we recommend it as a super-supplement to a healthy diet. If you consumed only BCAAs or natural plant proteins (which don't have optimal levels of ALL the essential amino acids required by your cells and systems), your health—and performance—would be impacted.

4: PERFECT AMINO™ does not create metabolic waste.

Because PERFECT AMINO™ is completely absorbed and 99% utilized for anabolic (growth and repair) purposes, there is no nitrogen waste (a by-product of protein metabolism) to tax the kidneys. This 99% utilization makes PERFECT AMINO™ the ideal source of pure, elemental protein for people who have diabetes or require kidney-support nutrition. As a comparison, animal and vegetable proteins are, at best, 30% utilized by the body for its anabolic needs.

5: PERFECT AMINO™ helps maintain muscle mass.

Age and training stress contribute to lean muscle loss. Since PERFECT AMINO™ is perfectly balanced and 99% utilized by the body, almost everyone can maintain high levels of the essential amino acids responsible for muscular growth and recovery, regardless of their age or how much they train.

6: PERFECT AMINO™ can take the place of excess protein and boost fat loss.

Each serving of PERFECT AMINO™ (1 scoop) is equivalent to approximately 30 grams of whey, collagen, or soy protein, yet contains only a few calories. Therefore, by replacing 30 grams of this protein with PERFECT AMINO™, you can reduce 120 calories from your daily diet (30 grams of protein x 4 calories per gram). And since PERFECT AMINO™ enhances muscle mass, this reduction in calories will not reduce muscle mass or slow down your metabolism.

7: PERFECT AMINO™ tackles hunger and food cravings.

PERFECT AMINO™ offers your hard-working body nutrients that reduce false hunger signals. Additionally, since the product is not digested or metabolized, you can take it before high-intensity interval training, intermittent fasting, or cold therapy.

8: PERFECT AMINO™ is super-convenient.

Mix one or two scoops in 6-8 ounces of water, and you're ready to go! No hassles! If you wish, you can get creative on a hot (or intense) day and blend the powder with some ice and frozen berries!

9: PERFECT AMINO™ can help everyone!

Athletes take advantage of PERFECT AMINO™ for muscular strength and recovery. Healthcare practitioners recommend it to their patients before and after procedures (since it cuts down on recovery time). People who seek kidney-health support use it as a source of waste-free protein.

Get the very best results for your body.

There's not one best way to take PERFECT AMINO™ for everybody, but there is a best way to take PERFECT AMINO™ for your body.



PERFECT AMINO™ is a proprietary blend of eight essential acids to synthesize protein:




L–Lysine Hydrochloride





Perfect Amino is free from:











Animal products

Perfect Amino Powder Mocha has 20mg of natural caffeine (from Green Tea)

This unique formulation contains NO binders, NO fillers, NO stearates, NO coating, and NO dyes. It is vegan sourced for 100% Nutrition.

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